Filthy Lucre

Filthy Lucre (PS4, PC & PSVR) is a tactical stealth action game you can play single player and co-op, both split screen and online. Either go all guns blazing or slow and stealthy! The game has a focus on consequences. Past actions can catch up with you, making your heist riskier but the reward becomes bigger.

As Development QA on this title, I had several roles and responsibilities that I carried out over the course of the 18 month project. This included testing areas such as:

Alongside the areas mentioned above, as part of my role I had to understand Agile-Lean workflow; using our daily scrums to keep up to date with what work the team was on at any given time. I also needed to make sure that our bug database was relevant to the current state of the project – making sure that high priority issues were being addressed as well as deleting any duplications or irrelevant issues.


Filthy Lucre is a complex system driven game. No two playthroughs are ever the same and due to this made testing the title difficult. When a new feature was ready for testing we would refer back to the mechanical design to make sure that in any scenario the feature was acting as designed. With a small testing team, checking every scenario was quite difficult meaning that we would often find edge cases. When this occurred the feature would be passe back to the design team so they could redesign the feature to fit with the edge cases found.

One particular area that required a lot of testing attention was the online portion of Filthy Lucre. Since the game is driven by the systems, new features would have to be tested online (and in split-screen) to ensure it also worked in those modes. In online, we would have to check that both players had the same experience whilst playing over the network. This included: AI behaviour and movement, weapons firing at the same time and ammo updating correctly, objectives updating when both players collected them and ensuring player’s could see the other player moving around the game correctly.